ArtistMum: Preserving Memories

I took my daughter’s wedding dress to the cleaners of course and (unlike what I didn’t do to my own dress), I had it preserved!

The cleaners did a beautiful job on it. I had to open the box to check and see if the dress was really there and if it was her dress. My daughter told me of stories she had heard of people getting their wedding dress back only to find that it wasn’t in the box at all! I’m sure if it was a ‘designer’ dress, someone could potentially resell it. Imagine the nerve of someone doing that. Awful thought though.

Look how nice the dress was preserved! It was double boxed and even has a form under the bodice to keep it’s shape!



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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Preserving Memories

  1. Katie Anne says:

    Great idea! You’ll have to let me know where you went, I want to get mine preserved as well- i’ve been meaning to do that!

  2. Robert Bergman says:

    beautiful Ruthie…a real keepsake for Katie to have her dress, made by her mother for ever! Maybe her daughter will get married in it someday, or use the lace that you sewed so lovingly onto the dress .

    Hope to see you soon.


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