ArtistMum: The Aftermath!

The past few days after the wedding have been weird. That’s the only word that I could think of that describes how I feel after the big event. Maybe it’s a form of depression or maybe it’s from the cold I had gotten right before the wedding, I’m not sure. It could also have been residual from major lack of sleep which might be why I looked so washed out in all the photos. I’ve been snippy (poor ‘Darling’), stubborn (didn’t want to go to the doctors but he made me), and oh so sleepy (could be the heat wave were having).

That week of the wedding was sooooooo jam packed with important tasks that I cannot believe my ‘Darling’ and I got through it. This is what my schedule looked like:

I literally was sewing the buttons on Kate’s dress the day before and gave the dress it’s last press the morning of.

And now I don’t know what to do with myself so I cleaned!!! We have a terrible pantry moth problem and I decided to make good use of some spare mason jars and clean out my cabinet that holds baking goods. I lost a bunch of gluten free flours because those little suckers got into them, unfortunately šŸ˜¢
But it looks so nice and neat now and made me feel better! Win, win situation here!

And today I hope I have the energy to get started ( notice I said “get started!”) on cleaning the ‘studio’ so I can begin to work on a wire sculpture for the faculty show coming in September. Don’t quite know what I’ll do yet. Have any good ideas for a wire sculpture??? Give me some hints šŸ˜ƒ


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