ArtistMum: It’s The BIG Day!

The BIG day has finally arrived!

It has been a whirlwind of events and activity that has exhausted all of us but it will all be worth it when we watch our precious daughter take those momentous steps to becoming the love of her life’s wife.

Yesterday was an early morning. ‘Darling’ drove us to the flower district to pick up the flower order. A quick phone call to the store started a panic. They told me they had NO daisies! Without the daisies there would be no meaning to this event. Daisies were my daughter’s most favorite flower all of her life. Both ‘darling’ and I were besides ourselves. We decided to try another store. I walked into the store and asked if they had daisies. “I need 24 bunches of daisies” , I blurted out! Do you have any? Of course! And I immediately got my 24 bunches of daisies! Whew! Problem solved. Now I had to confront the original flower store and get the rest of my order.

I walked into the shop and asked for my order sans daisies. Well the fellow who was in charge of my order was there packing my order and guess what? There were the daisies! I explained to him that I had just spoken with someone else on the phone and they clearly had stated that there were NO daisies. After a lot of banter ( for lack of a better word) I got my order adjusted and walked out with the balance of my order. I’m not one to argue but what’s right is right. It wasn’t my mistake and they had to swallow it not me.

We returned home with a car full of pretty flowers which I immediately arranged into bouquets!





Favors were assembled and a custom made cake topper was also completed!



And now we have to get ready to go to this wonderful event!
More to follow tomorrow! Especially pictures of the actual dress!


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One Response to ArtistMum: It’s The BIG Day!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    Blessings and love to all today! You and Kent must be so happy!

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