ArtistMum: The Big Crunch!

It’s down to the wire with only 5 days left until our daughter Kate gets married! So where are we with the dress? It has some hand sewing to be done and a new zipper has to be put in. I for one do not love sewing in zippers but it is absolutely necessary.

So today I will spend a good portion of my time with the hand sewing even though I feel like I’m getting a cold 😢
I think I have succumbed to the pressure and now this germ is brewing in my body. Throat is scratchy, feel like yuck, pressure in my head…………all symptoms of a cold.
Anyway, on a lighter note………I have been working on these cuties in the evening!

They are bottle stoppers for the champagne or wine bottles for the bride and groom! The groom still needs his bow tie but that will be done today.

I also tied 100 bows onto bubble bottles. Whew!

The coloring books for the children attending the wedding are complete 😄
The idea came from Pinterest………thank you whoever posted it.

‘Darling’ and I also took a trip to the flower district in NYC to place a flower order. If you love flowers as much as I do, it’s a breathtaking experience. Flowers of all sorts and colors are EVERYWHERE!
I found some beautiful spider mums that we might add to the mix and some daisies managed to find their way home!

And last but not least, I added satin ribbon to the Mr. And Mrs. frames I made for the bridal shower. Not sure if they’ll be used in the wedding but I followed through anyway!

And soon my Kate will become a ‘Mrs’!
Almost forgot…………….pictures of the dress will be posted very soon! Stay tuned 😃


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