ArtistMum: Graduating and Dress Fitting!

There are only three weekends left before the wedding and there are still many details to take care of. This weekend was a busy one as always! But it was a very good one Indeed 🙂

Top of the list was the backyard graduation party we gave to our son, Jim, who received his Bachelor-of-Science in Music Industry and Technology with special honors 🎓 This was most likely one of the best moments of his life (next to marrying the love of his life)! And we are so very proud of him for this accomplishment.

All of his siblings, family,and friends were able to make the festivities which was an added bonus.
And the weather couldn’t have accommodated us any better. A morning sprinkle ☔ was followed by beautiful rays of sun 🌄

We also managed to squeeze in a wedding dress fitting and hem alterations for two of the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids dress are so pretty in a color I have never seen being used in a wedding party before and I am excited about it. They were specially made for the girls by my BFF’s daughter, Josandra, who developed her own unique line of silk clothing, Luna by Josandra

And the front lawn was worked on the day before the party. Talk about procrastinating! I took on the role of ‘sod taxi’ and made numerous trips back and forth to Home DePot to load up 12 rolls of sod at a time because that was the ultimate limit the car could hold without damaging the axel.
‘Darling’ unloaded the car each time I pulled in the driveway with my haul. Five trips later and 60 pieces of sod roughly laid out and our job was almost finished 😉

There’s a little more to do to complete the lawn……sod pieces have to be ‘butted’ together. Imagine all of this alongside making a wedding dress. Ha!
Soooooooo……..High Ho……High Ho…….. It’s off to dressmaking I go 😊


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