ArtistMum: Dress Marathon Update!

Yesterday was a very productive day! I made huge progress on my daughter’s wedding dress. We will have another fitting this weekend and then it’s the homestretch! Yay!

I also made some pretty decorations for the church pews. I made seven but want to make a few more. I ran out of the tulle so a trip to Michaels is imminent 🙂
The idea originally came from Martha Stewart. She made large tissue paper pom-poms for table decor. I thought, why not make something like that from tulle? And it worked! Here’s the direct link for the tutorial on how to make the tissue paper ones. I used the same process. Easy breezy!

As the day unwound, there was another little chore that needed to be done before the weekend. Our little homemade pond needed to be drained, cleaned, and re-filled. And guess what? It got done! I don’t like doing this job but when it’s done, it’s sooooooo rewarding to sit by the pond and listen to the water splashing.

And while I was cleaning out the pond, ‘Darling’ was giving our new sod lawn a haircut! It looks so lush and green! One of our neighbors said it was as green as Ireland! Now all we need are a few sheep hanging out 😃 Just kidding ‘Darling’!

And the bees are enjoying the foxglove, which is gorgeous.

And even though it’s been hot and humid, with a few showers here and there, the flowers are managing to put on a good show!


Spiderwort /Tradescantia (such weird names!)

And Evening Primrose/ Oenothera spp.

Today it’s overcast so I’ll do some more hand sewing on Kate’s dress 😊 Tomorrow it’s back to work.
Party’s over 😢


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