ArtistMum: Multi-tasking Doesn’t Work!

I’ve been moving along and keeping on schedule for the wedding dress marathon! The fabric behind the lace was carefully cut away. The new top is almost finished except for some hand sewing and such. I’ve also added a few designer touches here and there and I do believe we’re in the home stretch 🙂

Little ‘fun’ stuff happened….well, depends on how you look at it! I was very busy sewing the dress. Massive amounts of silk are cumbersome under the sewing machine. And every time I trimmed the lace at the seams, you could hear zillions of tiny beads scattering on the floor. No need for panic, Kate, the beads that are supposed to be on the dress are still there where they are supposed to be!

Anyway, it was near dinner time and ‘Darling’ was getting hungry. I had a piece of catfish and some frozen sweet potatoes in mind for the meal. I put the fish in a pan on top of a bed of lemon slices, with a little olive oil, and put a cover on top. About 10 minutes later, the fish was ‘lemon’ poached! Delicious!

Not so however for the sweet potatoes 😦 Their fate was much worse. The directions said to put them, single layer, on a baking sheet and bake them in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Now mind you while the fish and sweet potatoes were cooking I was sewing. Isn’t this what some refer to as multitasking? I heard on the news recently that our brains are not capable of doing more than one task at a time (something to do with texting and driving). Or do the task really well at least. I may claim I’m a multi-tasker but seriously, I am much better at focusing on one thing at a time. Cooking and sewing at the same time……..bad idea!

So we just ate the ones that were eatable and tossed the blackened ones! The fish was really tasty though! At least that wasn’t burned!
Here are some pictures of the fabric being cut from behind the lace. Looks pretty right?


And today’s dinner fared rather well. I made a stir fry with brown rice on the side. Tasted very good. I’ve had the recipe for over 30 years and it’s a ‘tried and true’ one!

Do you claim to be a multi-tasker? I’m not anymore 🙂


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