ArtistMum: Dress Making Marathon

With only 34 days left before my daughter’s wedding, time is of the essence! With an extended weekend available, I am making the most of every minute to devote to the dress and a few peripheral items.

So the dress marathon began yesterday and we are in the lead! I made a list, as one should when there are many things to accomplish, so as not to clutter the mind 🙂

Friday- cut out new top for dress and begin sewing. Make lining as well. Place lace as needed.

Saturday- cut away fabric from behind lace on skirt. Complete beading. Make loops for button
closure. Appliqué lace.

Sunday- insert zipper. Attach top to skirt. Cook Sunday meal for Darling and Momma.

Monday- cake topper and pew decor

Tuesday- sew on beading at seam. Figure out bustle?!

I know this all sounds like jibberish ( spelling?) but it helps me to organize my thoughts and keep me on track.
Oh also……..they say that the third one’s a charm? Well this is dress top number three! And it happens to be THE charm 🙂

No photos of the dress mind you……you’ll see that in 34 days!


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7 Responses to ArtistMum: Dress Making Marathon

  1. Kent says:

    From personal observation I can say the wedding dress looks beautiful even thought not completed yet. The silk material and lace are gorgeous. I can’t wait until it is finished. Katy will surely look exquisite.

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  3. Robert Bergman says:

    Sounds like you have everything under control.. I too like a list to cross things off from. Good luck with the rest of the things on the list.

  4. Rubee says:

    Lists are a great way to keep focused and God knows how easily I can get distracted!

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