ArtistMum: Crazy Dreams!

Ever have a crazy nightmare? Well, the other morning, I think it was about 4 o’clock in the wee hours, little monkey face woke me up. Not completely but just enough to remember my horrid dreams.
Don’t know why this little monster does this but he’s a pip. He walks around and tries to uncover the blanket by patting me with his paw. Geeezzzz!

It obviously was way too dark to get up so I went back to sleep. And of course the dreams began. One was where I somehow had an accident and the doctors had to cut off my right arm at the shoulders. Oh the thought of that is insane. I remember being shocked and walking around trying to do stuff with my left arm. And I cried because I couldn’t do any more art Now that’s a nightmare !

Then the dream morphed into something to do with the lawn! I dreamt that ‘Darling’ was going to mow our new sod lawn that we had so laboriously put down. And guess what happened? He cut off ALL the grass!!! There was NO MORE GRASS! I was horrified! I think we’ve been spending too much time on the grass, don’t you think!

Weird dreams always remind me of the artist, Salvador Dali. His paintings make me think that he had some pretty crazy dreams as well!
Actually Dali employed extensive symbolism in his work. The “melting watches” that he painted in ‘The Persistence of Memory’ suggest Einstein’s theory that time is relative and not fixed. The idea for clocks functioning symbolically in this way came to Dalí when he was staring at a runny piece of Camembert cheese on a hot August day (Wikipedia). Imagine getting inspiration from melting cheese! I should try that sometime……only kidding I’d rather eat it before it melts!

He was a pretty imposing character with his handlebar mustache, n’es pas?

And talk about Einstein and his theory about time being relative……I did a collage based on that as well. I read and re-read (at least 5 times) T. S. Eliot’s Four Quarters- Burnt Norton based on that whole relativity thing until I grasped some visual understanding of it and came up with my interpretation. It was a series of small collages based on each line of the poem. And no, I was not dreaming, or studying melting cheese, or hallucinating!



And I did a lot of pre-planning, thinking, sketching, studying, etc. before the actual final piece!
You think artists are airheads? Ha!

And sorry Salvador Dali…………………………….l don’t think I’ll paint a self portrait of myself with an arm missing! Too gruesome! And the grass? Well……..don’t think I’ll go there either!
What was your worst nightmare? Care to ‘paint’ about it?


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