ArtistMum: Turmoil!

There is so much going on right now that it’s insane. My surroundings are sheer chaos and I feel I am unraveling because of it. The expression, ” there’s a lot on your plate” could not be more true because THIS is some of what is going on at the same time as making the wedding dress and going to work…………

Backyard AND front yard! That tiller we rented was a beast of a machine! ‘Darling’ worked up a sweat for sure. It was awkward, heavy, and so hard to maneuver.

This has been a do-it-yourself project for two weeks now. ‘Darling’ decided to till both the front and back lawns. Not one at a time……no! Let’s just do both yards and make a humongous mess! Cleaning seems futile because clumps of dirt find their way into the house daily. No sooner have I cleaned up one clump when another appears.
Leave your dirty shoes at the door ‘Darling’! It’s a bleepy mess!
We have been sifting through the clumps of dirt to get rid of old sod and pebbles, an endless job it seems. The soil has been amended with bags and bags of organic material. And all that raking has really done a number on my already tender back 😦
The good news is that the back yard is almost finished 🙂 The front yard awaits us!

Some sad news came upon us on Saturday. My ‘Darling’s’ aunt Mary passed. She has been a part our children’s lives and ours for many years…… all the christenings, birthday parties, barbecues, Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings, and so on. She almost made her 98th birthday tomorrow. She will be missed but we have many good memories to keep her alive in our hearts.
She loved holding my children when they were small. Here she is with my daughter 🙂
And below is a picture of her and her sisters and brother. She was one of eight children and she was the last one. Now they are all together again.



There’s a lot still to do……massive turmoil I would say………finish the lawns, coordinate a funeral, clean the house (yea, right!), think of what I’m cooking for Mother’s day (which I really can’t think about at all right now), make decorations for the concert/art exhibit this Friday, write explanations for all the artwork for each grade, make pew decorations, start cake topper, get approval for wedding dress so I can continue, write lesson plans for the week…………….whew, I think I’m out of breath!
You get the picture, right 🙂
What’s on your plate this week? Hope it’s not as overloaded as mine!


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5 Responses to ArtistMum: Turmoil!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    Well I am breathless just reading your plateful of life! Yikes…mine is much calmer…Book Fair tomorrow/Wed. Finish my in-laws memory scrapbook for their 69th wedding anniversary, this weekend, is David’s 30th birthday and the centennial of the first Bergman coming to America! So we will be heading down to pay homage to our ancestry and his momentous arrival in this country in 1912! Yes, to say the least, my life is a bit less chaotic than yours…although, except for the wedding a funeral, and art show, although you know I will help you with that., I do have cleaning, yard stuff to do.

    take it easy, breathe, delegate! Love you.

    • artistmum says:

      Thanks for the love and support! Need it for sure! All moms have overflowing things on their plates. I just felt so overwhelmed this morning and writing it on paper made it seem better somehow. See you soon 🙂

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Katie says:

    I’d be happy to help cook for mothers day! You should get to relax!
    Love you tons. ❤

    • artistmum says:

      Awwwww! Only if you feel up to it. You’re just getting over being sick. The spinach salad sounds good and should be easy enough to put together. Let me know how you feel though. Love you, MumB

      Sent from my iPad

      • Katie says:

        No worries! Would do anything for you 🙂
        Will make the salad and shepherds pie! Working on getting my mom out of the house as well 🙂
        Love you tons, let Jim and I know if we can help with anything else! We’re feeling a lot better after resting this weekend. Should be back to normal very soon!


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