ArtistMum: Big Secret’s Out!

So April 7th was the day that I had to keep secret from my daughter for a few months now……….the bridal shower! There were so many things to get done for this event that I wanted to tell her about but couldn’t!
Handmade invitations were put together a few every night until I had the right amount. Then I gave them to my daughter-in-law to address and send.


Our theme was Asian so I borrowed my friend's beautiful kimono and fan stamps for the front of the cards. I used my own Asian coin stamps for embellishment on the ribbon and I stamped my daughter's and her fiancé's Chinese horoscope signs on the inside along with the other info.

For table decor, inspiration came from some Asian looking napkins I had found in Bed, Bath, and Beyond! That's also where the colors of the cards came from. I attached two napkins together end to end with glue and ironed them to make them flat, then took them to The Learning Center, (they have a laminating machine there) and laminated four of them. These became table runners on top of white tablecloths 🙂


The vases, which were filled with eucalyptus and almond blossoms (couldn’t find bamboo), were actually large food jars. ‘Darling’ and I had to eat a lot of roasted red peppers and artichokes for awhile! I used ‘puffy paint’ to make the Chinese characters for love, joy, long life, happiness, and blessed. I let that dry overnight then spray painted the jars with white spray paint. ‘Rub & Buff’ was used to highlight the characters. I used a turquoise color that looked good with the other accessories! Ribbon accented the top rim and I beaded some Asian looking beads onto red colored cord and attached that to the rim.

My daughter-in-law ordered personalized fortune cookies, fans, mini bookmarks, and pretty chopsticks for the guests. And also lanterns for decoration. Everything came together so nicely.
I will post food recipes next time. Most of our Asian themed food was homemade by my son’s girlfriend and myself. Her recipes are amazing and taste scrumptious!
So visit again for the recipes and more pics 🙂


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4 Responses to ArtistMum: Big Secret’s Out!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    Ruthie…everything looks lovely. I thought for some reason everything was set up for April 29th…I don’t know why. Anyway, looked a bit chilly, but beautiful. Love the vases, love everything you did. I am sure that Katie had a lovely time. What is next in the journey to the wedding?

  2. artistmum says:

    Thanks, Alison! It was a great day and everything that me and the bridesmaids worked on came together!

  3. alotonyourplate says:

    ruth! Ive been following the status of this shower for months via Katie. Im so excited Kate had an amazing shower, she deserved it !! The pics are gorgeous! Xoxo -Jess

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