ArtistMum: Roadblock :(

Sometimes when we work on a project, things don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. Such was the case last weekend as I was working on my daughter’s wedding dress.
Before I get into the dress, let me explain about serger machines. I like to have all my seams finished and neat, so I use a serger machine. A serger machine uses three threads simultaniously to bind the fabric, giving the seams a beautiful finished appearance. It also prevents the seams from fraying.
My serger was given to me by my ‘darling’ about 30 years ago. I’ve used it to make most of my children’s outfits when they were little as well as countless Halloween costumes! It’s worked very hard throughout its life.
The other day when I wanted to use it to serge the seams on my daughter’s dress, it made this awful whirring sound. Ugh!
Several years ago, I was sewing a quilt for someone when my regular sewing machine decided to call it quits. Well, I thought it could be repaired only to get the sad news that it was truly unfixable. Imagine my disappointment when I heard that news. ‘Darling’ bought me a new, super-dooper sewing machine and it took a year before I was brave enough to try sewing with it. Long story short, I had a deja-vous moment and thought my serger had succumbed to the same fate 😦
And now I was at a roadblock with the wedding dress……not good.
So I trudged to my local fabric store, Hartsdale Fabrics, which also fixes machines and left my serger there to be looked at.
Several days later, I received a call from the repairman. I immediately thought this was going to be bad news but to my surprise he said it was done and ready to be picked up! Oh happy day πŸ™‚

It left a hole in my pocketbook for sure but I couldn’t be without my trusty serger.
I also found satin covered buttons, elastic buttonhole tape, and some ivory colored satin ribbon. Yay!

And I got a brand new cord for the serger too. The bunny we had years ago liked to chew on the cord (not plugged in of course) so I taped the areas with electrical tape. It looked so ratty but it still worked! But a new one is much better and safer!

So now with the ‘roadblock’ removed, I can continue with the wedding dress πŸ™‚

Happy ‘serging’ πŸ™‚


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One Response to ArtistMum: Roadblock :(

  1. What’s the difference between the serger and the sewing machine? They look so different!
    Great progress on the dress!

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