ArtistMum: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun………Shopping!

Today was a very successful day! I went into New York City with a specific purpose…….to buy a lace scalloped edge to match the lace I had bought last summer. The last time I went into the city, I met my daughter and we bought silk for her wedding gown and lining. We also found a small store on 252 West 40th street between 8th and 9th avenue, called Sposabella Lace, where we found the most beautiful lace I’ve ever seen!
This time, I was accompanied by two friends from work. I had mentioned that I was taking a trip to the city to try to find some lace. Well, after raving about my last trip to Mood Fabric Store and the other stores in the area, my two friends wanted to tag along. Both of these girls are very much into crafting and scrapbooking so when you mention lace, buttons, ribbon………….what else can a girl do but shop!
So here is what I got:
Mood Fabrics- silk lining and a 7″ invisible zipper for 50 cents! ( price at regular craft stores…..$2.49) Win, win!

Next stop was the lace store. I remembered the name of the store but totally forgot the location. A quick call to my daughter and we were back in business. Only off by a few blocks!
Sposabella Lace is a tiny store with reasonably priced lace. Most of the laces are from France and are so pretty. Both of my friends found some lace that they couldn’t leave behind! I was helped by a nice young gentleman. He showed me several lace edges that came in just a few days ago. One of them was perfect for the wedding dress hem edge and matched the other lace really well.


Also found a French cotton lace edge perfect for a handmade garter 🙂
Lace Star was just across the street so we decided to check them out as well but just fed our eyes.

They had many laces as well as brocades and specialty fabrics but nothing spoke to us here!

Onto beads and bangles! BeadMax Corp had a zillion beads, charms, and anything to do with bead/jewelry making. We were like kids in a candy store, looking at everything and remarking how we could use this charm or that bead! I broke down and bought four little pewter charms, perfect for a pair of unusual earrings and a package of a dozen ear wires for only $ 3.25! Great bargain and NO TAX!

Each of us had a few little bags of goodies clutched to our bodies. Precious stuff here! And we also sported a huge smile as we scooted back to Grand Central Station with our treasures in tow. Tired but happy!
So if you’re ever in NYC, go check out these stores if you’re in the market for fabric,lace, beads, ribbon, or just want to have some good old shopping fun.
A very successful day indeed 🙂


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun………Shopping!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    had so much fun today…loved my treasures…the two+ yards of lace I got for the price of one, the bits of beads, and the time spent with good friends. So where is our next road trip to? Barbara and I will plan the next road trip….until then, happy wedding dress sewing! Love, love, loved the lace you got.

    • artistmum says:

      Alison, Thanks a bunch for coming with me! It made the trip so much more fun 🙂 Also very glad you love your treasures. Hope I can see your creations when you’re done!

      Sent from my iPad

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