ArtistMum: A Stitch in Time

Designing a wedding dress is a little like sculpting. The fabric is draped upon a dress form and then the ‘icing on the cake’ or lace is draped on top. Herein lies the major decision making and the design begins to form according to the logistics of the underlying form. In that I mean that things can change from the original thought.

This weekend, I found a chunk of time to begin sewing the skirt of the dress as I had planned I would do. Before I could begin I went through a ritual of lining the floor with brown paper, cleaning off the dining room table, and washing my hands about five times. If I got ANYTHING on the silk fabric, I would be devastated!

Working with the silk was sort of spiritual. If you’ve ever touched silk, you’d know what I mean. It almost breathes on its own! Michelangelo, the most illustrious artist, must have gotten pretty excited when he began sculpting his magnificent figures form marble. So I liken my experience to a ‘Michelangelo moment’!

As I finished sewing each piece, I pinned it carefully to the dress form so it wouldn’t wrinkle. As each part was sewed and pinned, the skirt began to appear. Magnificent!

Then came the lace. The original plan of having the lace in the back just started to gnaw at me. I re- pinned the lace in the front and that made more sense plus it looked right.
But now I had to stop because I needed input from my bride to be!
Here’s what I emailed:

The skirt part is now sewn together except for the sides, which is where the lace would be inserted. Lining is also together. So here are my thoughts as I was working with the skirt. I think the lace would be prettier in the front. Reasons…..
It fits length wise and width wise.
The beading would fall off as you sit on it.
The bustle would be awkward with the lace in back.
The back sweep is enormous and lace doesn’t make the sweep side to side.
So here’s my solution ……I will be in the city one day in two weeks. I will look for a matching scallop to edge the back sweep.
Tell me your thoughts?
Fitting should be on Saturday next week when I see you. We can decide then.


It’s sooooo pretty!!!! Mom I love my dress.

It’s cool if you want to put the lace in the front. It makes sense.

And so….we are now moving forward 🙂


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: A Stitch in Time

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    but where are the pictures of the work in progress…I will be with you for the lace/fabric trip…yeah! Can’t wait Ruthie…when are we going that week…I can go:Wed, Thurs, Friday. Can’t wait.

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