ArtistMum: Taking the Plunge!

You may question what a wedding dress has to do with art! Well, my daughter who is getting married in a few months had asked me to make her wedding dress last year. Of course I was thrilled but a little scared too at this daunting task. This was no easy breezy mind you! The pattern had to be draped on a dress form with certain specifications. I do have a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and learned all the necessary skills and worked in the garment industry for several years before my teaching job but…………I haven’t draped a pattern for awhile! Needless to say, it’s like riding a bike. You never forget the skill and I warmed up to the challenge.
Everything was going quite smoothly until I got to the Alexander McQueen style sleeve. That designer was a true genius in his craft and his designs are more like sculptures than dresses. I told you this was art related! If you ever get the opportunity to see his collections, I urge you to see them. Even the shoes he designed are works of art. I myself might not be able to wear them but they are truly little sculptural masterpieces šŸ™‚
The draping of the sleeve was a monster of a puzzle until I consulted with my dear friend who is a professor teaching at FIT and is an expert in her field. She put my fears to rest with a few quick sketch marks and a facsimile drape of a napkin šŸ™‚
So onward with the task!
Last weekend I finally took the plunge and cut into the beautiful Shantung silk fabric that I bought last June at Mood Fabric Store in NYC. That store is an event in itself. I don’t think I have ever seen so much fabric, lace, buttons, you name it, in one place in my life!
Cutting into this fabric was a very BIG deal because I was actually afraid I didn’t have enough material. It looked like a small amount of fabric on the bolt and I thought that six yards of 60″ fabric would be fine but I really had my doubts as that bolt glared at me each day.
I laid out my muslin pattern on the dining room table which had to be expanded because of the length of the back skirt.

And snip snip snip I went until the whole skirt and lining were cut out!
I pinned the pieces onto the dress form to see my accomplishment. The fabric is even prettier on the dress form than on the fabric bolt šŸ™‚

And the front!

And so this is why the real art is taking a little vacation so that the most important task right now can become a reality šŸ™‚



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One Response to ArtistMum: Taking the Plunge!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    this is sooooo exciting Ruthie and yes, I can relate to taking the plunge and starting to cut the fabric….(not that I have actually done that, but I can feel your apprehension….) It looks beautiful. If you are off on the fabric, I would love to go to Mood with you…I would die in the ribbon, button aisle! So exiting. Good luck as you start your wedding dress voyage…seems like smooth sailing is on the horizon, now that you have those sleeves figured out!. Have fun…

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