ArtistMum: Busy Bees are Happy Bees!

It has been a busy week with many things falling into place. The wire ‘place setting’ was delivered to a gallery and will be on display for awhile.
I started a few new projects and mind you I am making a wedding dress for my daughter in-between all of this going on. Busy bees are happy bees!
I also wanted to share a little story about the print that started the print frenzy! Originally, I had made a print that related to the statistics of breast cancer in women. The print was of 34 women with the last one being printed in the breast cancer ‘pink’ so well recognized today. The print was displayed and when it came back home, I decided to give it to my daughter because she liked it and wanted something on her apartment wall.


Sorry the images are sideways but I haven’t figured out how to fix that with the iPad! To make a long story short, my sons saw the print in her apartment and were a bit miffed that their mum didn’t make anything for them so…………that’s how the guitar print and game controller prints came to be! I thought they’d be wonderful and personal Christmas gifts!


And then my daughter got engaged to a wonderful photographer, so now it’s like having another son. And what do I do for him??? Well, he has a very favorite camera that I made a print stamp of and this is the result!

And I decided that all my girls ( daughter, daughter-in-law, and hopefully future daughter-in-law) would get handmade Byzantine bracelets!

I made these from pre-made links that I order from a place called the Ring Lord. They are fairly easy to make once you understand the process. I always set aside six groups of two rings to make it visually easier and I never make a mistake if I lay the rings out in this manner πŸ™‚
So my Christmas was totally homemade. Sounds corny but homemade is from the heart! And everyone loved their gifts.
So busy bee has to get VERY busy and make that wedding dress and squeeze the other stuff in whenever! Other stuff has to take second place for now πŸ™‚
What kind of heartfelt, homemade gifts have you given?


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4 Responses to ArtistMum: Busy Bees are Happy Bees!

  1. For about three years I did handmade-only Christmases. This definitely inspires me to try that again next time!

  2. Robert Bergman says:

    Ruthie: Everything you do is from the heart! I love the breast cancer print … and the story behind it. I also love the print you made for Gavin. How lucky your kids are to have such a very talented mother! Love the bracelet too. It looks like something you did for one of your shows or you showed me from your classes…lovely.
    Can’t wait to see specs on that wedding dress and all the lace detail.
    Keep the artisyms coming…

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