ArtistMum: Out With the Old and In With the New!

A new year has begun and it’s always refreshing to start out the year with a clean slate, or palette I should say for artists! For a few months now, I was troubled by something in my studio that didn’t feel right. Ever get that feeling? Most of the time I find it’s the pile of mess that accumulates on my work table but this time, that was not the case. Now mind you, my ‘studio’ is nothing but a dim room in the basement but it has fared me well over the years. But this ‘something’ was none other than the old, musty recliner that I had been spending a little too much time in. I’ll admit it……..not too much painting or drawing can be accomplished in a recliner! Seriously! Time to get real! It was time to say good-bye to the worn out recliner and make more room to do some big time art! Besides, it was blocking the path to my art supply shelf. Very bad feng shui.
So with a bit of ‘elbow grease’, I moved the recliner out, yes, OUT of the room, rearranged the bookshelf and futon and wow…….what a huge difference it made. It instantly opened up the space!
I can now get to my shelves without bumping my butt on the edge of the table!
And you might ask, ‘in with the new’? Of course there had to be something new or at least new to me! Gavin to the rescue! My daughter’s fiancé gave me a bag of fabric that he no longer needed for his photo shoots. In that ‘Mary Poppins’ bag was the perfect modern looking piece of fabric that fit over the futon, making it look spanking new! Take a look 🙂 Oh, and I know the rug doesn’t go with the futon pattern but for now it will do!

And now my treasured art books are more readily accessible. It was such a pain to move the old recliner just to get to my books.

And the feng-shui immediately was rectified. The energy flow is so happy. I love going into my studio now because it feels right. And I started drawing on a canvas already! I am doing a project with my students and have to have an example so I began a drawing of who else but my little companion, Beanie. He’s always there as you can see.

I always tell my students that behind every good painting is a good drawing. All the planning is done before the paint is applied. It doesn’t always happen that way but it does help.


My students are doing animal paintings and are learning how to enlarge a picture using the grid method. It also helps them to relax their fears of drawing since you only concentrate on drawing what’s in one box at a time.

And here below is a small oil painting of my mom’s dog that I started awhile ago that needs to be finished!

Also, I don’t concentrate on animal images although that’s what it looks like. My favorite subjects to paint in oil are people because I love how the skin changes with the clothing and lighting. Always a mystery!

This is ‘Kate’, one of my earlier portraits. I still love how unruly her hair is in this painting!
So back to my original thoughts. In order to move forward one must remove what’s in the way and in my case, the old musty recliner just had to go! So what are you waiting for? 🙂


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