ArtistMum: Gifts Galore!

As I was working in my ‘studio’ the other day, my little companion was keeping me company as usual. He got into a teensy bit of trouble as you can see from the photos! I don’t know what was so attractive to him about cough drops but he managed to stick his face in the bag and get one out. Maybe he had a scratchy throat as well?



Needless to say, I did take it away from him. Don’t want a sick kitty!

Anyway, as I sat in my studio, I was contemplating how blessed I was. I have a wonderful family and extended family and received many lovely gifts for Christmas. I also was showered with gifts from some of my students as well. One gift in particular made me smile just because I thought it was so appropriate and useful. It was a cobbler’s apron with my name on it. So cute, don’t you think? So perfect for when I’m painting 🙂
I can now replace the messy, icky old shirt I usually wear when I paint!

What kind of gifts did you receive that brought a smile to your face?


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