ArtistMum: Making Art When You’re Down and Out

I’ve been at battle with a bit of pneumonia for about eight days, probably more since I couldn’t convince the doctor that my cough was going on for only a week. I’ve been in bed for exactly nine days now and am finally feeling somewhat normal. The fact that I’m antsy about making art is a good sign!
So what kind of art can you make when you’re stuck in bed? Well, using my trusty IPad, I came across a holiday email from my ‘Zentangle’ buddies, Rick and Maria. I accidentally discovered them a year ago and instantly fell in love with their Zentangles
So what are Zentangles?
Zentangles are meditative doodles that anyone……I said ANYONE can do! And they’re fun to boot!
So I decided in my half awake sicky state to create a unique Christmas greeting using the non other than fabulous Zentangle for inspiration and of course, angels, which I need a host of to help me get over this coughing.
Each Zentangle is designed and given a name so the more Zentangles you learn the better. But regardless, once you start with one design, you’ll most likely get in the groove and doodle your own interpretation……..even better!
This is what a typical Zentangle design starts out as. This one is actually called ‘Opus’.

The tendrils are then encased around the outside. Easy so far, yes?
Mind you….I’m doing this in bed and not feeling 100 percent yet 🙂
I know I could do better if only I felt stronger.

Now some doodles are added after defining an inside area.
You could probably make some sort of tree out of this!

Angels? Of course!
I drew an angel shape and then decided to use the ‘Opus’ pattern inside. This is just the sketch part. The finished one will be posted next time.

And now it’s time to have some tea and rest up a bit 🙂


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