Artistmum: Creativity in the Kitchen!

Happy Thanksgiving! A day to be grateful for food to eat, a home to live in, a loving family to love and be loved by, and of course a bunch of faithful friends! I am grateful that I am blessed with all mentioned!
So, creativity in the kitchen, you might ask? Well, today I had to be super creative but not with art materials. I had to think very fast to resurrect what could had been a disaster!

Now mind you, I think I’m a pretty decent cook. My family will tell you that I’m pretty darn good but I’m a bit humbler than that. I haven’t had any bad food disasters for a very long time so I was a bit in shock when what transpired really happened.

It all started out when I had this great idea to make kartoffelklossel, or German potato dumplings instead of the usual spaetzle with our turkey dinner. I hadn’t made them in years of course. I now know why! They take forever to make!

I cooked 5 pounds of potatoes yesterday and refrigerated them once they had cooled down. Early this morning, I peeled the skin off and riced them with my ancient but trusty potato ricer.

Then I added flour, salt, 2 eggs, and kneaded this mixture thoroughly. I made my own croutons and put a few inside each handful of dough. I made about 10 perfectly formed kartoffelklosse and put them on a plate while the pot of water was brought to a boil. Everything was going well so far. I put a few in the water and timed them. When done, I took them out with a slotted spoon. Anticipation was higher than high. Then came the disaster 😦

They completely fell apart. Oh no. This could not be! I had to come up with a solution. Whatever could I do? I was frantic at this point wondering what could possibly have happened. I think the potatoes were just too wet…..not the right potato.

Well here came my ‘creativity in the kitchen’. I added a little bit more flour to what was left and decided to deep fry them instead. Ha!

Needless to say, they came out fantastic! Dinner was saved πŸ™‚

What near dinner disasters have you resurrected?
Until the next post…….be grateful for quick thinking πŸ™‚ and creativity in all areas πŸ™‚

Oh, and I did have photos but I couldn’t upload them due to some silly technical issue. But I plan to edit and try again when the air traffic is less!


Disaster batch 😦

Resurrected ones πŸ™‚



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