Artistmum: Wire Art Will Travel

We all do some crazy things and, well, I did something silly this morning! ‘Darling’ and I were going to NYC to pick up our daughter’s (and fiancé’s) kitties, Milo and Madison, so they (K and G) could spend a few days away upstate with his family. I packed myself in the car with my mug of unfinished coffee, my trusty iPad, a bag of homemade cookies for giving, and my wire art piece. You never know if you’ll get stuck in traffic especially on the most travelled day of the year. And why sit in traffic with nothing to do but blurt out verbal frustrations and potty mouth phrases? I brought my art with me! Yes!

The kitty and cookie exchange went smoothly and after hugs and good-byes, we were on our way back home with Milo and Madison in tow. NYC driving is not only heart-stopping but also SOOOOOO bumpy! The rest of my coffee actually got down to my belly without spilling. Very surprising because it’s happened before that it spilled all over just as ‘Darling’ hit a bump!

Oh, and the kitties had a lecture the night before about not speaking in the car while in motion. Wow, it worked! Not one single meow!

So up the West Side Highway we went and then it happened! Traffic! We had to take the infamous Bronx detour! No one knows the Bronx better than my ‘Darling’ and our children know the ‘scenic tour’ almost by heart! Not so for me 😦 I had no clue as to where we were (that’s not unusual since I was born without a sense of direction). I was so busy wrapping wire on my wire plate sculpture that I hadn’t noticed we were in Bronxland! Oh yea!
I decided right then and there to use my trusty iPad and take a photo of where we were and to show how my wire art can travel! And I actually got halfway done by the time we got home. Who said you can’t create art while traveling in a car 🙂

We were at 202nd street and who knows where?

The rest of the trip went smoothly( except for the noodle that tried to cut us off on the Thruway) and we were finally home! The kitties were released from their carriers and after a few hisses, they found a place to rest. All is well 🙂
So, three things I must travel with……..
1. Coffee
2. Some form of art to work on
3. My trusty iPad
So what are some things you absolutely MUST travel with?
Until the next post……Happy Thanksgiving and remember that Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we should remember all the many blessings we have 🙂


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3 Responses to Artistmum: Wire Art Will Travel

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    well I always try and remember to count my blessings daily…and you are one of them! Love your story, and your art, and of course, the story of the detour…there are one or two in every family of one sort or another. however, as I get carsick, I travel with dramamine or the like and grit my teeth and hope I don’t get car sick…or whatever ever vehicle of movement I am in, sick. (bed, train, bus, car, chair, etc) That is why I usually drive. Anyway, enough of that travel sick story…I travel with a head full of people, places, plans, projects to think about…but stare straight ahead mostly so that things in my brain don’t joggle around…of course my family accuse me of the ‘travel sickness’ thing all being in my head. I don’t think so.
    Love, and many blessings to you an your family. I am truly thankful you are in my life and we are friends. Now that is a blessing indeed!

    • artistmum says:

      I count you as one of my special blessings!
      Thank you so much for your comments. It makes writing the blog more fun 🙂
      Have a great day with your family!

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