Artistmum: Wire sculpture: My Constant Companion

It’s been a little while since I’ve written but that’s because I’ve been super busy, as we all can be, with everyday living. Making art gets put aside for awhile but it’s never forgotten!

I am almost finished with the goblet, chalice, excuse me! I only have a few more touches to do before it’s completely done but I wanted to show everyone how it looks since last time.

The knife, fork, and spoon are complete. They do need a spray of clear acrylic to keep them from rusting, something I learned the hard way after I lost a wire sculpture to the demise of RUST. My ‘studio’ is a spare basement room = moisture = rust. The de-humidifier can only do so much!

So you might wonder……what’s that about a constant companion? Take a look!

That’s my little buddy, Philip Bean, or Beanie, as I call him. He’s always around and will make his presence known by placing his furry body on whatever I’m working on. Well, hello!
He’s around ‘in sickness and in health’. When I was sick with a super bad bug, guess who was watching over me? Yep! Here I sketched him cuddled on the quilt at my feet!

And here, he was watching me in the studio!

Enough of my little buddy, Bean!
By the way, my darling (hubby) is my number one constant companion! He’s the love of my life 🙂

It’s on to sculpting the plate! I decided to tape the beginnings of the plate onto a piece of light cardboard. This came about because the first one got bent out of shape too many times in transit. In transit??? Well, of course! Art can travel too you know! Sometimes I get a teensy chance to work on it between my jobs! I take advantage of each spare minute I can 🙂
The masking tape keeps it in place as well as keeping the spaces as accurate as possible. The initial design I had in mind changed as I worked from the center out ( photo A). I told you wire had a mind of it’s own!
Now the plate design has the look of a sun or star (photo B). Kind of nice, I think! Take a look!
Photo A

Photo B

And now it’s, yawn, time to take a break!

Until next time……who’s your constant companion?


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3 Responses to Artistmum: Wire sculpture: My Constant Companion

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    my constantish companion is Buddy…but he doesn’t like the craft cave much. He tends to lie right outside it.
    I love the chalice…and of course, the service for one.

  2. alotonyourplate says:

    your wire sculptures are always so inspiring. your one of the most talented people i know!!!! cant wait to see more !

    • artistmum says:

      Jess! Thanks so much! Right now I’m busy doing wedding stuff though but as soon as that’s done, I can get back into making more wire art 🙂 Read your blog today about that new app for matching paint color. So cool!

      Sent from my iPad

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