Artistmum: making art: Michaelangelo

Some people have no appreciation as to how long it takes to produce a significant piece of art. It took Michelangelo five years to complete the fabulous statue of ‘David’ carved out of marble. Just wrap your brain around that! It’s unimaginable but somehow possible.

My greatest idol is Michelangelo ever since I read the book, ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’, as a young, impressionable artist. I have since added to my repertoire of ‘top shelf’ admirable artists, but Michelangelo was a true master and still my favorite!

Bottom line is that work and home obligations always get in the way of my art progress so I am a bit behind on my projects but…….. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Keep in touch because I will follow through! After all….a promise is a promise. Only wish the politicians could keep theirs! Ha ha!

Also……comments are always SOOOOOO appreciated. Artists feed on each others comments so please leave some!

Until the next post……..take a look at Michelangelo’s art and appreciate a true master 🙂

Part of the ‘David’


The ‘Pieta’ ………one of the most emotional wrenching sculptures I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking!


This is a drawing or ‘cartoon’. Notice the tiny holes along the sketch lines. Powder was pushed through the holes so that it left an impression on the plaster so Michelangelo could paint the image on the plaster walls of the Sistine Chapel.


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