Artist Mum: Making Art: It’s Finally Coming Together!


Well, it’s finally coming together and I found a little time to print on the papers that I had collected specifically for this project. Whew!

The most important part of printing is planning the placement of your images. As you can see in the above photo, I have a ‘planning’ grid underneath. Since my grid is on newsprint paper, it’s okay if I make a mistake.I found the middle of my paper and made a small mark. I determined whether to start my print smack in the middle or slightly to the right or left of the center. In my case, I will start half of my image in the middle. This will give me 3 images by 9 images with a nice 3 inch border all around. See what I mean? You really have to plan before you print!

I also started to plan colors. It’s always a good idea to put cool colors ( blues and greens) next to warm colors ( reds and yellows). It realty depends what you’re looking for but this usually works for me. I placed the ink tubes onto the grid just to see what looks good before I begin.

Next, I printed on all the images I had, sheet music, Beatle paraphernalia, and so on. I will take only the good prints. I allowed them to dry thoroughly. The music note paper took eight tries before I got a good print. I think it may have been the type of paper. Who knows.


Here’s the one that took 8 tries!


I also have some ‘fat quarters’ to try printing on but not now. For those of you who haven’t a clue what ‘fat quarters’ are…..these are 18″ x 21″ pieces of cloth used for quilting but why not use them to print on as well! The possibilities are endless 🙂

When all the prints were dry I cut them apart. I brought out my big boy cutter to do the job. It gave me nice clean edges.

Here’s the arrangement I came up with. Believe it or not, I will change a few images to tweak it up a notch. I will glue these onto Bristol board which is a good quality paper for this application.

I will also print my images directly onto some good quality cold press watercolor paper. Hot press watercolor paper has a texture that is not suitable for printing on.

My final prints will be on the next post but just to tease you a little, here’s a teensy preview of my next project. It requires some heavy duty tools!


Until the next post….enjoy every opportunity you have to create some art 🙂


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