Making Art: Going Nuts!

Well, one might wonder what else I was up to this week. Obviously I wasn’t able to print on all those fabulous Beatle related items….sheet music and news clippings. Not just yet anyway!

I was approached to create a ‘nut free’ poster for the lunch room at work. There are SOOOOOO many nut related allergies today. Not just peanut allergies but almonds and walnuts too.

So I started my little interim project looking for images of nuts. I found walnuts and almonds but no peanuts. Characters started to appear as I drew the nuts. ‘Almonda’ was created first. She’s wearing a cute pink polka dotted aqua skirt and hot pink high heels! The little Diva!

‘Mr. Wally Nutt’ came next. He looks super worried! His wrinkled appearance just came about as I was drawing the ridges of a walnut.

Am I going nuts yet? Well almost! I had to purchase a jar of ‘Mr. Peanuts’ roasted peanuts to see what he looked like. He was the best character to use for the peanut image. So I started to draw him as well, top hat, cane and all.

Oh, and just in case you wanted to know what I used to draw the characters with…… they were sketched in pencil first. Then I colored them in using brush tipped permanent markers. There’s a wide range of colors available and if you go over an area you just colored in, you will get shadowing very easily.
I used red acrylic paint to color in the iconic ‘red circle with a line through it’. I’m sure it has a special name but I don’t know it! Someone tell me please!

Here is the result of my drawing adventure this week!



And by the way, those peanuts tasted pretty good! Until next time 🙂


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