Making Art: “All I’ve Got to Do”

After waiting a few days, I finally got the newspaper clippings and sheet music I was waiting for! As I leafed through the Beatle songbook, a flood of memories rushed through my mind. All those fabulous songs right at my fingertips! Remember “All You Need Is Love”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Michelle”, ” A Hard Day’s Night”, just to name a few?

I remember trying to play the tunes on my piano by ear ’cause I couldn’t afford to buy the sheet music let alone lessons. I had a real good ear for music, still do if I might say so 🙂

Well I made my photo copies and now I will start to print my guitar image all over them. I’ll use only the very best prints of course.

Only problemo is that I have to write an article for work due in two days 😦 And prepare for the classes I teach during the week. No time to print today but maybe during the week. I can’t wait!

So what are your favorite Beatle songs?


“All I’ve Got To Do” !!! SOOOOOO much to do!





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