Making Art: Getting Stuck!

Today I gave the person who wants this final guitar print a ‘PREVIEW’!

Needless to say, my client is so excited. He really loves the design and the colors. After a brief discussion, I asked him if he could get Beatle sheet music and newspaper articles for me. ‘What ever for’ you ask! Well my client is a musician who is a major Beatle fan. Remember the Beatles? I do! Paul and George were my major heartthrobs! The other guys were super talented too.

I thought it would make this piece of art even more meaningful for my client if it included not only guitars but also some Beatle images. I could print the guitars onto the sheet music and the news articles just as I had in my previous examples (they were whatever papers I had laying around my studio).

Since this blog is art related, I found an image of the Beatles screen printed by the artist, Andy Warhol (Andy Warhola , 1928-1987). He was an American printmaker, commercial illustrator, and avant-garde filmmaker. He became known as the ‘Pope of Pop’ through his silk screening art (that’s another art blog!). most people would recognize his screen print of Campbell soup cans. Campbell’s soup was such an important part of his childhood……go research it!

So………stuck……..yes! I cannot do anything else until I get the necessary items. It happens often that one gets ‘stuck’!
So I hope I get the sheet music and the news clippings REAL SOON!

You know, this blog writing is really forcing me to make more art. That’s a good thing! Otherwise other things really get in the way, like cleaning, ironing (nasty menial chore), meal preparing, laundry….ugh!

In the meantime, why don’t you try some printing yourself?

Until the next post 🙂

And by the way, let’s remember those we love. Forgive but never forget. Today is 9/11.



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