Waiting for Irene to leave! Printmaking – Step One

Waiting for a storm to pass, especially one of this magnitude, can be nerve racking. So what does an artist do with all that ‘waiting’ time? Well, I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend some quality time making art! Printmaking, to be exact!
So how does one tackle printmaking? Well first you decide on a design. A simple drawing of anything works well for those who have never tried this before but want to try something new.
I sketched a guitar. Then, when I was happy with the drawing, I went over the drawing with a fine tipped pen. Next, I photocopied the image. I will use the photocopy in the next step.



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3 Responses to Waiting for Irene to leave! Printmaking – Step One

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    very interesting Ruthie…I spent Irene’s visit in my craft cave as well…but I was stroking paper, gazing at my punches and catching up on making cards, planning for this fall.

  2. diane says:

    this is fantastic! am also in suspense for step 2!

    • artistmum says:

      Hi Diane!
      I never knew that I could respond to my blog comments! Live and learn!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂
      Hope we can get together sometime before the year is out.
      Hugs 🙂

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