ArtistMum: Off The Grid!

Yes! I have been ‘off the grid’ for awhile but now that I’m back, I’m having difficulty posting photos with WordPress! I’d love to share so many things but until the glitch is fixed, I have to wait. 

So please be patient……I am writing but saving my posts until I am able to pull up my images without WordPress crashing!

Well……I was able to post one photo, but I couldn’t scroll to choose the ones I really wanted!

Anyway! A little R & R at Bethany Beach in Delaware refreshed my soul! We all need it!


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ArtistMum: I’ve Moved Back!

I have moved back to 

It’s been a hectic year with lots of new things happening. That’s why I haven’t written for awhile……however……the writing bug has gotten to me and I will be writing again! I have a few things in the making that I will share.

So please stay tuned and visit!


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ArtistMum: Doll Workshop II- Day 5

Today was a day to continue sewing dresses, nightgowns, sleeping bags and to learn a few simple embroidery stitches for the pillow!

I demonstrated a simple running stitch, french knots, and a ‘lazy daisy’ stitch, which is ideal for flower petals.

One of my students made a star on her pillow using a running stitch. It came out so pretty!

And here are the girls busy sewing and embroidering!





I think they are doing quite well!
Next session we will complete any loose ends and then we get to start our fairy dolls!
And I did promise to show some things I made for a baby shower so I promise to show pictures in a future blog! I made so many things and I’m bursting to share them!

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ArtistMum: Art Club II- Day 4

My art students continued to work with the oil pastels for part of our session. I think these oil pastel pictures will take a few sessions to complete and that’s okay!

I also gave them a lesson on one point perspective so that they understand better that objects change size as they receded into the background of a picture. It can be very mathematical and empowering once the concept is understood. Follow the mathematical formula, and you’ve got a picture that makes sense, with all lines returning to the vanishing point!

Here’s some pictures of the one point perspective lesson.





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ArtistMum: Doll Workshop II – Day 4

Since these girls are third graders and up, their abilities and attention span vary, so each project I give them is carefully thought out with them in mind. I prepare each item so that their sewing experience will be fun and the end result will be something they will treasure.

The sleeping bag was made like a long, oblong shaped, padded pillowcase. All they were required to do was to fold it up and stitch the sides. The results are so cute and they are loving them already!








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ArtistMum: Doll Workshop II- Day 3

Snow days and baby showers have caused me to be a bit lax in my blogging and I apologize!

The doll workshop is moving right along. The girls chose fabric patterns for the sleeping bags and I prepared them during the week along with making baby shower favors (my son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child in April). I will share a little of that too!

This session concentrated on completing the kitty doll’s faces and sewing more of the nightgowns and dresses. They are getting so good at threading the needle and making knots at the end! So proud of them!

Here are some pictures of this session!






I also showed them how to drape fabric on a dress form and pin trim on to see what looks best… other words……designing on a dress form! I showed them a picture of an actual dress form and they got to use my tinier pin cushion dress form!


I think they had a fun session!

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ArtistMum: Art Club II – Day 3

My art club students will be using oil pastels to create a picture on canvas board. When completed, these drawings should appear just as oil paints from afar. They are easy to blend using your fingers and additional color can be applied to get lots of texture.

The students were especially excited when they got their canvas board! They each did some sketching first so they knew what they were going to do on the actual canvas. Each student made a very light pencil sketch on the canvas board and then began to apply colors.

Because my students range from ages 7-13, I usually get a wide range of abilities and interests. Animals are always a popular subject! Some students like to do animeƩ types of animals and others go for the more realistic type! I enjoy the diversity!
Here are some pictures of our oil pastel adventures!








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