ArtistMum: Painting Flowers

I love flowers! And I have as many varieties as my little yard can possibly hold! Purple coneflowers, iris, clematis,  lilies, roses, mums, black-eyed-Susie’s, hydrangeas, and more that I can’t think of right now! And they make perfect subjects for painting. 
So I began a watercolor with roses and mums from a photo I took awhile ago with the intention of painting it someday. Watercolor is something fairly new and challenging for me. I like it but I’m not sure about it…….does that even make sense? It’s very good to paint though. I find it takes my mind elsewhere for awhile. It’s all good!

Here’s my preliminary sketch:      

 And here’s the progression:


I’m hoping to finish it soon!

So what are you painting these days? Hopefully something that brings you joy! Happy paintingšŸ˜ƒ

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ArtistMum: Sculpting in Wire

Wire is a medium that can be daunting to most sculptors and I have to admit that I am one of them. To sculpt an object from wire, one has to measure and manipulate, wrap and squeeze, and look from all angles.

Here is a short video of my wire process when sculpting a pair of wire shoes!

Thoughts??? Would love to hear some comments!

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ArtistMum: A Little R & R

Everyone needs to take a rest once in awhile. It refreshes the spirit and creativity. A few days of this will re-charge any soul………
Insert Photo here
Again……I am trying to post photos and they crash before I get to choose them…..sorry. WordPress has to take another look at the glitch.

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ArtistMum: Rag Rug Rage

What do you do with a stash of fabric that you don’t plan on using or is seriously out of date? Think Halloween prints or several versions of holly, snowmen, or snowflakes! Yes! That’s what I had in my fabric stash! And I wanted to downsize a bit… know……so you can buy some more???

Well, I got to tearing fabric strips and began crocheting them into a wonderful rag rug! There are many tutorials out there on how to connect your strips and how to crochet them. I used a very large crochet hook, size ‘S’, and my strips were about 2 inch in width. The finished rug came to be about 35″ X 51″, which was a decent size.

Here’s a YouTube link which I thought was good for beginners. 

So………attack your fabric stash and go make some rag rugs! They’re fun to make and look wonderful too!


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ArtistMum: Off The Grid!

Yes! I have been ‘off the grid’ for awhile but now that I’m back, I’m having difficulty posting photos with WordPress! I’d love to share so many things but until the glitch is fixed, I have to wait. 

So please be patient……I am writing but saving my posts until I am able to pull up my images without WordPress crashing!

Well……I was able to post one photo, but I couldn’t scroll to choose the ones I really wanted!

Anyway! A little R & R at Bethany Beach in Delaware refreshed my soul! We all need it!


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ArtistMum: I’ve Moved Back!

I have moved back to 

It’s been a hectic year with lots of new things happening. That’s why I haven’t written for awhile……however……the writing bug has gotten to me and I will be writing again! I have a few things in the making that I will share.

So please stay tuned and visit!


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ArtistMum: Doll Workshop II- Day 5

Today was a day to continue sewing dresses, nightgowns, sleeping bags and to learn a few simple embroidery stitches for the pillow!

I demonstrated a simple running stitch, french knots, and a ‘lazy daisy’ stitch, which is ideal for flower petals.

One of my students made a star on her pillow using a running stitch. It came out so pretty!

And here are the girls busy sewing and embroidering!





I think they are doing quite well!
Next session we will complete any loose ends and then we get to start our fairy dolls!
And I did promise to show some things I made for a baby shower so I promise to show pictures in a future blog! I made so many things and I’m bursting to share them!

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