ArtistMum: #HatNotHate Hats

The month of October is anti bullying month and Lionbrand yarns is running a campaign for it. Make a blue hat in one of their yarns and either donate it or wear it and take a photo of it and share it on social media.

Now who hasn’t been in that kid’s shoes…..nobody wants them on their team because they’re too scrawny; they get made fun of because they’re different; people whisper about you behind your back and they’re obviously making fun of you, your clothes, your looks, your hair, your body, your everything. Yes, I have been there. Does it hurt? Of course! But I’m an adult now and I’ve grown passed all that. My husband loves me. My kids love me. My grandkids love me. And most important……I know that God loves me.

I’ve made several blue hats for this cause. I’ve donated to the Lionbrand #HatNotHate campaign. I hope whoever gets my hat knows that it’s made with much love.

How can you help with anti bullying? How do you teach your kids to be more accepting and tolerant? Spread the love! Go wear your blue hat this month!

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ArtistMum: What to do with all those scraps?

I cannot believe that it’s been soooooooo long since I’ve posted. I’ve since gotten an updated iPad and that makes a huge difference!

So back on track……..I went through my scrap pile of fabrics and almost tossed them out but the prints were just so cute that I couldn’t. I had quite a pile leftover from all the bibs, blankets, and burp cloths that I made for my grand kids. Now that they’re bigger, I don’t need to make baby things anymore and decided to make some cute toys instead.

I came up with a pattern that could easily be changed from a doll to a cat or bunny. I even came up with a ‘monster’ doll that’s just too cute. Each doll is unique because I only have a scrap here and there of one pattern. I had fun coming up with different combinations.

And then I decided to make a dent in my yarn stash as well. I made each scrappy pal their own hat. It was a win/win situation!

I think they came out cute. I’ve already found homes for several of them!

What do you think about these silly scrappy dolls?

Tell me what you do with your fabric scraps and yarn stash!

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ArtistMum: More Crochet Fun!

I crochet everywhere I go and always have a project or two in hand to work on. So I thought I’d share my latest projects in case anyone needed an idea for holiday gifts. It’s good to get started early!
Just finished this darling little bolero for my granddaughter! It’s made from #Caroncakes in ‘rainbow sprinkles’ color and the pattern is from a YouTube tutorial by second pink one is in a smaller size and is made from #SweetRoll which I bought from JoAnn’s.

These are such wonderful and fairly easy projects to make! Go try them!

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Artistmum: Crocheting Doll Clothes

My little granddaughter has a very favorite doll that she loves to play with. This doll has worn the same outfit for two years and I thought it was time for a change! I searched Pinterest for some ideas and came across this adorable crocheted dress made for a premie baby but the size looked right for little ‘C’s doll.

Here’s the link to the pattern….. ¬†Dress pattern

I made it the length I thought was right for her doll and put a button closure since little ‘C’ cannot tie yet. She also insisted on sewing on the button so I guided her oh so carefully! This brought back a memory of my grandma allowing me to choose a button from her button box and showing me how to sew it onto my doll’s dress. I picked out the biggest, most gaudiest button ¬†there was! (black shank button with a big rhinestone on it)

Well, little ‘C’ chose several buttons and we sewed them onto the front of the dress and one on the back as a functional button.


So so much fun!




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ArtistMum: More Fun Hats


I love to crochet because the projects are portable and I can crochet practically anywhere……in the car, at the dentist’s waiting room, while the grand babies are napping, just about any place!

So my latest projects have been some cute hats with ear flaps that keep my little grand babies warm and toasty during the winter season. My favorite ‘go to’ resource is a talented young lady who shares her patterns on Repeatcrafterme. I used her crochet pattern for the fox hat I made. It includes several sizes and the directions are very easy to follow.

I also made an ‘Elmo’ hat for two special little girls altering that same hat pattern. It came out very cute and those little lasses love their ‘Elmo’ hat! I used LionBrand Vanna’s Choice yarns because that’s my favorite yarn to use! But you can use other brands if you choose to. As long as they are the same weight as suggested in the directions.

I will add my photos when WordPress stops crashing every time I try to add the photos! But please visit Repeatcrafterme. You’ll love her crochet projects!

Looks like the photos came up! Thanks WordPress!


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Loose Ends

Somehow things have gotten much too complicated for me and I needed to take some ‘me time’. But of course I’ve left some ‘loose ends’ and I have to rectify that……so, to wind up my monkey theme from last year…….I made a few monkey hats from a crochet pattern I found at “”. They came out so adorable and there are a few lucky recipients who are wearing them!

I used Lion brand, Vanna’s Choice yarn in cranberry, oatmeal, and barley. What I like about using Vanna’s Choice yarn is that part of the money goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


I hope you try out the pattern. They are fairly easy to make. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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ArtistMum: Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there, wether you’re a mom to babes or a mom to animals, you are special because you put others needs above your own! God blessed me with three wonderful children who have grown into amazing adults. I treasure every moment I have with them!

 Enjoy your special day!

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